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ITG-45- Istanbul Museums Private Tour

“ Daily Tour ”

Istanbul Museums Private Full Day Tour 
Daily departs at 08.30 and returns at 17.00


-The Istanbul Archaeological Museum, which is housing various artifacts from civilizations that had left their traces to different periods of the history, is one of the 10 most important world-class museums designed and used as a museum building. Additionally, it is the first institution in Turkey arranged as a museum. Besides its spectacular collections, the architectural aspects of its buildings and its garden are of historical and natural importance.
A place not to miss in Istanbul: Chora Museum, The Turkish word "Kariye" is derived from the ancient Greek word "Chora" meaning outside of the city (land). It is known that there was a chapel outside of the city before the 5th century when the city walls were erected. The first Chora Church was rebuilt by Justinianus (527-565) in place of this chapel. In the era of Komnenoi, it served as the court chapel for important religious ceremonies, thanks to its nearness to the Palace of Blachernae.
-Great Palace, Mosaic Museum, was built on the northern section of the peristyle courtyard of the Great Palace of the Byzantine Empire, where mosaics used to decorate the pavement had been discovered partially in good condition.

-Haghia Sophia Museum, is the biggest Byzantine church in Istanbul was built three times on the same site. First, it was named Megale Ekklesia (Great Church), but after the 5th century it was renamed Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom)

-Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, contains turkish and Islamic Arts all together and is known as the last museum to open in the Otoman Period.The foundation of the museum was commissioned as a result of continuous steal of artworks from various trust bulidings, mosques, masjids, takas and sbrines from all over the country.Studies under a commission chaired by the director of Imperial Museum Mr. Osman Hamdi was completed in 1913 and the Museum was opened to publick as "The Museum of Muslim Endowments" (Evkaf-i Islâmiye Müzesi) in imaret building within the complex of Süleymaniye Mosque, one of the masterworks of Mimar Sinan, the Chief Architect.

Istanbul Archaeolgy Museum on Monday 
Chora Museum on Wednesday 
Mosaic Museum on Monday
Haghia Sophia Museum on Monday
Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts on Monday

All Year Long Except Mondays


Please inform date and number of persons you plan this trip by email.


Please inform date and number of persons you plan this trip by email.