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Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplantation Packages In Istanbul


Hair transplantation is a technique that involves moving strong and healthy hair follicles from the donor area, generally the back of head, to thinning or completely bald area.

Extremely natural looks can be achieved by hair transplantation thanks to the contemporary surgical technologies. Thus, psychological trauma and introversion which may be suffered by a person as due to hair loss can be cured with hair transplantation to make the person feel stronger.

Who is eligible for transplantation?
Candidates eligible for hair transplantation surgery are people who have enough number of hairs both on the sides and back of head. Such people are eligible for both FUT and FUE methods. Another group of candidates who are eligible for hair transplantation are those who have sufficient numbers of healthy hair on their chest, legs, etc. The hair transplantation method used for these people is FUE. With the advancements in hair transplantation surgery promoted by modern techniques, many men who were not eligible candidates for hair transplantation are now eligible for it. Unnatural looks due to use of big grafts are replaced by natural looks by use of smaller grafts, and advancing new tools enable a natural hair look specific to the relevant individual.

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